Excursion to northern Chios

VOLISSOS - AGIA MARKELLA - LAGKADA - CHIOS. Our first stop is Volissos located 40 km from the city center it is the largest settlement of western and northern Chios. It is a village that has preserved its traditional architecture and is characterized by its castle, which is the most important fortification of northwestern Chios. Here we make a brief stop and then depart for the monastery of Agia Markella, the protector of Chios island. Pilgrimage at the church and an optional visit to where the Saint martyred that is located at the edge of the beach from where hot water gushes out. Departure for the northeastern coast of the island. Stopover in Limnos or Pytios for lunch.  Our next stop is the Lagkada, one of the major tourist areas of northern Chios. Lagkada is a seafarers’ village built on the beach, in the homonym gulf. The name of the village comes from the fact that it is built between a wide valley, which opens towards the beach with a small plain full of olive trees. Along the beach there are many traditional taverns serving fresh fish and local delicacies. A brief stop for coffee and then off we go for the city of Chios.