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Welcome to the website of the travel agency SUNRISE TOURS in Chios. Your visit gives us great pleasure and we assure you that our agency will offer you friendly and prompt service in all matters relating to your trip. SUNRISE TOURS holds a leading position in the island’s tourism market. Due to the stable and reliable collaborations with the largest ferry and airline companies, all types of lodging in Chios, Greece and Turkey and driven by quality, we are able to offer our customers high quality travel services tailored to their needs and requirements. Our office is always available to serve your every travel need or concerns.
SUNRISE TOURS began operating in Chios as a General Tourism Office in 1999. From its onset, the agency’s name was associated with high quality services and reliability concerning all its transactions and collaborations. Our primary goal is not to achieve easy profits, but the business’ long-term viability through its travel services. 

Given that Chios is an island located close to the coast of Asia Minor and taking the market conditions into consideration, in 2003, we established SUNRISE LINES LTD for the island’s daily and reliable connection with the port of Cesme in Turkey (within 1 hour from Smyrna, the region’s significant trade and cultural center) with F/B SAN NICOLAS and Passenger/Ro-Ro Cargo Ship OINOUSSAI III. Since then, we have managed (despite the occasional competition) to keep the line running 12 months a year, offering daily connections providing consistency, reliability and continuous modernization of our services. Furthermore, in the context of the itineraries, organized, multi-day excursions are carried out to the coasts of Asia Minor (Smyrna, Ephesus, Kusadasi, Ayvalik, Istanbul). We also offer vacation packages (selected 4* and 5* hotels - transport - tours - tickets), adapted to the customers’ needs at highly competitive prices.